Jumat, 01 April 2011

Effects Dangers In Front of Your Computer And Solutions to overcome them

Being in front of the computer is fun, until - until we forget time, forget learning, forgetting to eat, forget to sleep, but do not forget to breathe .....yes ....! Feeling in another world if we again sighted internet.But run in front of a computer could impact bad to us, among other things: 
1.We are a lack of community, mingle with fellow human beings, because we run out of time for the brain-tweaking komputer.Solution: we should be able to share their time efficiently, so there is time to socialize and a time individually for Top Computer.

  2.Your eyes so painful, red.For handle it often - frequent blinking (but do not just blinking girl only ...), so that fresh eyes again do not forget to multiply the foods containing vitamin A such as green vegetables. If still painful to use , when sick continues contact your nearest shaman (eeeiit wrong so call your doctor!).


3.Abdoment nausea, headache, and body aches. Immediately eating and rest.That is happening because you forgot to eat and fatigue.


4.Fund soaring electricity and speedy internet. That is because we too often turn on the computer and on line.Solution: use the computer for things - important things alone, not just to play games, facebook, or chat, it spent time and money.


5.Works much to lie fallow, so our task is another more and more. Solution: Always use the clock or set an alarm clock to limit our activities at the computer.
There are many other effects that happen to us if we can not coordinate our activity in front of the computer.For more information please link to: http://pijatrepleksi.wordpress.com/2011/

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  1. Trims for your information,now we must practical on your ideas

  2. kadang - kadang kita tahu efek samping dari menjalankan komputer ,tetapi tanpa kita sadari kita sering mengabaikannya.trims ya masukannya